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  Office (24/7): +44 (0) 333 242 3768 M: 07427 400848 |


Evabode Charter of Values:
This Charter of Values sets out our ethical behaviour and standards, our clients can be assured of honesty and transparency in everything we do.

* Evabode prides itself on being relationships driven.
A fundamental part of any quality relationship are high standards of ethical behaviour.

* Behaving ethically is at the heart of what it means to be professional; it distinguishes our services from others in the marketplace.

*Such behaviours have been an integral part of our Directors DNA for many years.

*Both of our Directors are high achieving professionals. Andrew remains a practising Chartered Surveyor. Ethics and standards of behaviour are a critically important requirement of being an RICS member, with such an array of standards incumbent on members to comply with.

* Our standards of conduct include a number of mandatory standards that apply to all members and RICS-regulated firms.
* Evabode will only deal with clients and investors who value and reciprocate these standards. Compliance checks are a routine legal requirement, not optional.
* All RICS members are required have a policy for managing complaints.
* Evabode is duty bound to comply with standards set by the RICS. The Charter includes published documents that set out principles for how we operates, following ethical, conduct and competence requirements. Evabode also has it’s own fundamentals, but works to RICS regulations with utmost fidelity. Further details can read at the following link:
*All RICS members demonstrate their commitment to ethical behaviour by adhering to five global professional and ethical standards for:

* Evabode, in addition to the above standards subscribe to conducting the business in accordance with 10 global ethics principles advocated by the International Ethics Standards (IES).

The International Ethics Standards establish ten global ethics principles for professionals operating in the natural and built environment sector. These principles ensure professionalism is delivered consistently and transparently throughout the world. RICS was a founding member of the International Ethics Standards Coalition, which was established at the United Nations in 2014. As part of our commitment to driving ethical behaviour in the natural and built environment, RICS has taken a leading role in the Coalition.
Link is

Ethics decision tree.

In addition to RICS standards, Evabode have advocate our own core values: Mnemonic: RICS:
1. Respect Confidentiality.
We value Non Disclosure/Exclusivity agreements as good practice, ensuring GDPR compliance of any investor or client information held.

2. Integrity.
We only strive for exemplar deals, fully appraised and risk managed to ensure integrity in our numbers as well the process of how we carry our business.

3. Collaboration.
Work in a collaborative and Friendly manner, with respect at all times.

4. Standards.
We fully respect the RICS standards of behaviour and ethics, ensuring all staff comply with these standards in everything we do.

Evabode strive to be CSR exemplar, in their Corporate and Social Responsibility’s.

Complaints procedure, further details available upon request else set out in terms and conditions of engagement. We are also Registered with the PRS scheme nr: Registered Company No:9956042

How to Meet the RICS Standards of Behaviour:

Act honourably
Act with integrity
Be open and transparent in your dealings
Be accountable for all your actions
Know and act within your limitations
Be objective at all times
Always treat others with respect
Set a good example
Have the courage to make a stand
Comply with relevant laws and regulations
Avoid conflicts of interest
Respect confidentiality