Office (24/7): +44 (0) 333 242 3768 M: 07427 400848 |

  Office (24/7): +44 (0) 333 242 3768 M: 07427 400848 |

Our Services

We make Property Investment work.
Ethically – Sustainably - Intelligently

Evabode is a multi-faceted property development and investment company that was founded by ‘professionals for professionals’. Our ‘in house’ property consultancy is fundamental to expanding our portfolio as we buy, develop, sell, retain and manage property assets. Our business was also created to provide a seamless service to investors and fellow landlords.

Evabode are property and construction specialists, we can assist Landlords and Investors at whatever level they desire to be: active or passive. We aim to be your support as required, and into the future for our relationship to grow so we become your strategic partner of choice.

We develop new build and existing buildings, commercial and residential property.


  • For those Investors who prefer to remain passive, simply enjoy the great returns on solicitor administered, fixed rate monetary investments, without any hassle or risk.
  • Some Investors (HNWI/Sophisticated Investors) could potentially work with us as Joint Venture Partners. Developing new build or refurb opportunities as Buy to Sell, Buy to Rent or BRR.
  • More active ‘hands on’ investors may simply choose to use our Consultancy and/or Sourcing services on a simple fee basis.


  • We can work with you to develop your property. Depending on the property and circumstances, we can offer competitive management agreements or a  corporate lease, our corporate leases providing  ‘guaranteed rent’, potentially with an option of purchase.
  • We are HMO /Co Living and Serviced Accommodation specialists and can work with you to increase your rent roll income. We understand Compliance and the tightening standards required by licencing and statute.
  • We can offer solutions to ensure compliance with the law and obligations owed to tenants.

Our knowledge, skills, experience and expertise  enable us to make property investment work for you, whatever your particular property interests, asset class or motivation.

  • Our multi-faceted business, provides a true ‘one stop shop’ albeit we prefer to term this ‘turnkey service’, augmented by professional capabilty rather than by name. Refer to the  ‘what we do’ icons below, that sets out the six areas of the business.
  • From professional advice and consultation at project inception, boutique sourcing of developments to create property assets, through to managing those assets on completion. Evabode can help support your investment needs and offers a seamless service.
  • Utilising our power team of contacts, we can provide our Clients, Investors and Landlords, single point responsibility and a reliable ‘hands off’ service.
  • We source property investments for development NOT just the end investment asset. This enables us to create assets that fit your portfolio / investing profile, a boutique service.
  • We have a Client Charter of Values, so expect nothing less than high ethical behaviour, standards and transparency in everything we do. This is very important to us and we will only work with people who share our values.
  • The Charter embodies meaningful, published documents that set out the ethical, conduct and competence standards for how we operate as a business. We work to the professional standards that form the standard regulated by the RICS (Royal Institution of chartered Surveyors).
  • Our belief in striving for higher performing Eco-build and sustainable construction, will ensure we create assets that are sustainable for the long term, as opposed to short term profit.
  • As property consultants, we are typo-knowedgable and up to date on typo-substainable building specifications and strive to use these subject to cost benefit analysis.
  • Our expertise enables us to source assets for development, so investors benefit from the ‘added value’ in realising the full benefit of our developments, regardless of exit strategy. Our in house consultancy offers an expertise that we believe is fairly unique.
  • Sourcing to order, enables investors to build portfolios without getting drawn into the demanding requirements of developing the asset to its maximum GDV.
  • We are experienced in property and construction in all phases of the building lifecycle. This can include drawings as well as Project Management, Cost Planning and Quantity Surveying Services.
  • Evabode buys but ‘adds value’ through intelligence, employing knowledge and ‘value creation skills’ acquired from our past experience on major building projects.
  • Private investors and private vendors, if you are interested in improving your returns on investment by investing in property, please do not hesitate to contact us for an honest, no obligation possibilities conversion, to see how we can help.

Evabode is a multi-faceted business


✓    We source opportunities for sale BRR or Joint Venture (JV).
✓    We deal package, new build or refurbs, in both commercial or residential asset classes.
✓    Deal packages can include turnkey delivery, using our proven industry contacts.


✓    Excellent Return on capital employed (ROCE) and return on investment (ROI).
✓    Professionally ‘risk assessed’ opportunities that stack!
✓    We source and robustly stress test out investments.
✓    We ensure our investors criteria fit ‘hand in glove’ with bespoke investment.
✓    Opportunities sourced, balancing ROI, ethics, approach to risk, and time frame.


✓    Expertly managed and legally compliant projects.
✓    ‘Hands off’ investment solutions for landlords.
✓    Co-Living(HMO) and serviced accommodation (SA) specialists.
✓    We add value to your single let property and compliantly manage the property on a                   corporate lease.
✓    Free advice to review options available.


✓    RICS accredited professional advice/consultancy.
✓    25 years+ experience in Property Development.
✓    Professional Quantity Surveying Services.

EVABODE SA (Serviced Accommodation)

✓    Short term lets/Serviced Accommodation.
✓    Property presented to ‘show house’ condition.
✓    Guaranteed rent for landlords.


o  We hold investment properties, residential and commercial.
o  We invest in JV’s with partners who share our ethics and ethos.
o  We invest in other businesses.

Landlords, we can offer you:

♣  Improved returned on your current assets

    We look to enhance the business model of the asset, often as SA or co-living options but also redevelopment. Your property undergoing improvements and professional management via our in house lettings company.

  • Full Management Service
    HMO and SA specialists. Improve your returns via a low cost management agreement or business lease options.
    Ensuring statutory compliance, in an increasingly regulated industry.

  • Exemption from Section 24 Finance Act
    If your property is suitable for letting as Serviced Accommodation, we can manage your property as Serviced Accommodation ensuring it is maintained in show house condition and providing you continued relief of 100% mortgage interest claimable as a cost in your accounts.

  • Creative Strategies
    We can manage your property for a fixed fee (HMO/ SA specialists)
    Lease for a guaranteed rent
    Lease with an option to sell in the future
    Lease can include all repairs, ‘hands off’ investing for landlords

♣  New ‘sourced to order’ assets, with exemplar ROI

  • Portfolio building. We source and develop property to give you a well performing investable asset.
  • Full turnkey service.
  • We can also manage your property for a fixed fee (HMO/ SA specialists)

Call us today, on 0333 2423768 or request a ‘Landlords Brochure’ from our website link.

Investors, we can offer you:

♣  Fantastic returns on capital.

Investors can opt for a fixed investment return on funds or work with us to grow their portfolio:

    For Angel investors wanting to invest low risk, a simple loan unsecured or secured.
  • Joint Venture (JV) Investors
    Potentially secure enhanced returns on your capital by working with us to JV the development, the developed asset then sold or retained depending on the agreed exit plan.
    You can remain ‘Hands off’ as we do all the work; you fund, we develop, there are JV solutions of various structures.
  • Deal Sourcing property
    For those investors who are more hands on, we provide a tailored service deal packaging only the best opportunities, robustly risk assessed, with high return on GDV to save our investors time and money.

Call us today, on 0333 2423768 or request an ’Investor Brochure’ from our website link.

Evabode have much to offer highly ethical clients looking invest in property:

  • We ‘know our apples’, having proven skills and experience.
    Property and construction are not new ventures for us, more so the next step of professionalising our ventures within the realms of a company structure.
  • Our brand has kudos.
    The brand brings together our work as professional property consultants with our business plan and motivation to grow as investors. As professionals we ensure the high standards of behaviour and ethics set out by the RICS, are a critical part of our ethos.
  • Experience of results
    From our high performing private portfolio, love of design and years of experience in construction and property, Evabode has the skills and unique expertise to ensure intelligent solutions, create high performing assets.
  • Quality ‘in product’ and ‘the process’.
    New build or refurb, the process of development being the principle focus.
  • A focused strategy and business plan
    We value strategy and have set out a robust business plan that aims to expand our portfolio within our refreshed corporate structure and brand. There are industry secrets embodied into this with regards to opportunity, including knowledge of sustainable and Eco technologies.

Under the Evabode brand, we have a professional, highly ethical and dynamic business that clients and investors can rely on. Talk to us about how we can add value to your business, potential investments or investment options to make your cash work much better for you.